Our Heavy Machinery Partners in Belarus

Different types of machines created by man to meet different needs. Special equipment is needed to help people to perform a variety of construction and specialized works.
The concept includes special machinery construction machinery (excavating, lifting), utilities, transportation, traffic, machinery for the construction industry, timber, storage equipment, farm machinery, and others such as:

Elevators, lifts, Car dumpers, telescopic aerial platforms, forklifts, Scaffolding Pin, Dozers pipe layers, compactors attachments, Backhoe career, Clamp Scaffold Attachment tractors, diesel hammers rod, Backhoe planners, Gantry cranes, loaders, Hoisting Masts, Hydrodrills, Cradles construction, brush cutter attachments, console cranes, Forklifts diesel, vibrators, dielectric ladders, Pile installation, mast Lifts Truck, Mini Excavators, scissor lifts, KB Cranes tower road, trailer lifts, Gidrofrezy, Woods wedge, overhead traveling cranes, stacker, conquers logs , shears, Mini rigs, Mini crawler Loaders, Excavators draglines, rotary Mowers, towers, mobile tours, special machinery Excavators, Grapples CACTUS, telescopic lifts, diesel hammers, tubular, digging grab, manual anchor truck, ladders, sliding, hydraulic grabs, mobile cranes, loaders Backhoe loaders, Installations GNB, cranes, pipelaying, tower cranes, mobile telescopic lifts, hoists, mast, cranes, Hammers, hydraulics hoists, loaders swing arm, Shovnarezchiki Cable-laying cranes short-base, Facade platform Road excavators, Conveyors, horizontal Installations drilling, Waste scrap, drills, cranes stackers, electric overhead traveling cranes, dredging equipment, Walking excavators Spider-chain excavators, ladders, articulated boom lift, grapples, wheel Dozers, drilling crane machines, Crawler Tractors, derrick, Crawler excavators , drilling and piling machinery, self-propelled scissor lifts, piling Breakers, construction hoists passenger, Piling machines, Cranes crawler Loaders Clamshell, Mills Breakers soil, hydraulic vibrators, Wheeled excavators, Car lifts, Tower cranes, telescopic loaders, mobile scaffoldings, ladders hinge excavators bulldozers, crawler Drilling machines, Electric Forklift Truck cranes manipulators Hydrodrills for copra, shovels, ladders universal, Boom lifts, Rotary excavators, crushers Buckets, Electric drills for copra, cranes mounting

Construction machinery refers to machines with a large carrying capacity specifically designed to perform construction tasks, most frequently for earthworks. Also known as heavy trucks, heavy trucks, construction machinery, tractors, heavy vehicles or heavy hydraulics. Currently, most of the equipment used in the hydraulic actuators, as the main source of movement.

Types of machines:
Lifting machinery installation work:
Aerial work platform, mast lifts, scissor lifts

Road Construction Equipment:
Asfaltoanalizator, Asphalt, Bryansk Arsenal, In-1 (grader), B-10 (grader), Grader, Sprayer, D-442 (loader, bulldozer), D-512, Road milling machine, Dumpers, Earthmovers, Irmash, career loader, Skating Rink, bucket loader, Skid steer loaders, tractor Single axle, dump Truck, Articulated dump truck, road construction machinery, TM-08, Wheel loaders, Cold recycling

Machines for concrete work:
Concrete mixer truck, cement trucks, concrete and mortar plant, concrete pumps, mixers, Gravity concrete mixer, trowel, a stirrer, a barrel Drunk

Earth moving:
Bulldozer, D-442 (loader bulldozer) Career loader, scraper, drainage machine, suction dredger, loaders, Kanalokopatel, excavators, water guns, jetting, suction dredger

Machinery and equipment for crushing materials:
Jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher

Machinery and equipment for piling:
Exciter, Vibromolot, vibrator, hammers, diesel hammer, Pile driver, installation Svaevdavlivayuschaya

Machines for manufacturing and transporting concrete mixtures:
mixers - Machines for preparation of concrete mixes;
trucks - trucks equipped with rotating containers for the transport of concrete;
cement trucks - cars for transportation of cement in small and medium distances (300 km);
concrete pumps - machines designed for the reception of fresh concrete from specialized betonotransportnyh funds and filing it in the horizontal and vertical directions to the place of installation.

Machines for construction of artificial structures:
steam hammers;
diesel hammers;
vibromoloty intended for immersion in the ground metal piles, pipes and the tongue through both vibrations and shock loads through. Vibromoloty also used for dipping concrete piles in saturated soils .;
vibrators - machines designed for immersion pipe piles and sheet piles in sand saturated soil.

Road construction machinery:
Slurry transport;
pneumatic conveying installation.

intended for cutting bulldozers and earth moving, and also to plan the surface of the construction site;
Excavators - machines designed for digging and earth moving over short distances (up to 10-15 m);
graders and graders - machines used in road construction plan for the construction of road base and subgrade;
scrapers are designed for cutting and layering of movement of soil at a distance of 5 km.

Machines for preparatory works:
These include machines for preliminary site preparation for construction work:
LEDs - designed for cleaning of building sites from the bush;
stubbing - machines for cleaning areas of boulders, uprooting stumps, trunks and bushes clean cut brush cutter;
Rippers - intended for preliminary loosening frozen and compacted soils; ripper often release based on the same machine as the bulldozer, and a machine called a bulldozer-ripper;

All these machines provided for rent in Minsk and other cities of Belarus by our partners on KEZ.BY