Chinese Export Porcelain

In 2008, the number of private companies that are engaged in export porcelain, made in 2463, an increase of 40.56% compared to the same period in 2007 Total exports of private companies was $977 million (53% of the total), an increase over the year 12.5%. At the same time, the market worked 484 foreign companies, which is 23% lower compared to the same period of 2007 Thus foreign companies exported their products weighing 478 million kg in the amount of $669 million (36.3% of total exports), according to compared to 2007 figures dropped by 19% and 2.8%, respectively. In addition, the market operated 333 public companies, their number decreased by 22%. Public exporters were exported 201 million kg of porcelain in the amount of $196 million, so their share in total exports was 10.6%.

The main countries importers of Chinese porcelain and its products-the U.S., EU, UAE, Nigeria and Japan. In 2008, despite the rise in exports in these areas in terms of value, saw a decline in export volume.

In particular, the volume of exports from China to the EU in 2008 was $536 million, which is 7.76% higher than a year earlier. They accounted for 29.14% of the total export porcelain from China. In physical terms, the EU countries exported 432 million kg, which is 11% lower than the 2007 volume of exports to the United States for the year increased by 2% to $375.2 million, thus supplies to America occupy one fifth of the total export porcelain. In 2008, the U.S. exported 316.3 million kg of porcelain, which is 9.9% lower than in 2007 Total exports of porcelain production in the UAE fell by 1.2% to $91.5 million in the physical terms, the volume of exports decreased by 12.6% (84.6 million kg in 2008).

Foreign porcelain can not compete with Chinese counterparts, so exports are small. Currently, the largest imports are carried out in the EU and Japan. Despite the crisis, the volume of imports increased. In 2008, China imported 355,600 kg of porcelain from the EU amounting to $5.8 million, a 59.7% increase compared to the index of 2007 Thus the share of EU countries accounted for over 35% of the porcelain imported into China.