Industry of China

China the industrial agrarian country. Its GDP of 415.7 billion am. U.S. The manufacturing industry accounted 42.3% of GDP, agriculture - 24.2%.

A program of modernization of science and technology, industry, agriculture and defense.

At the present stage of development of the relationship between heavy and light industry accounted for 52% and 48%. Light industry is developing, mainly in small and medium-sized enterprises.

The "face" of China now accounts for heavy industry, which is mainly based on domestic resources. Total volume of industrial production China came in fourth and fifth place in the world.

Energy forms the basis of China's coal industry, the mining of more than 1 billion tons of coal a year. Coal is mined in many basins, the largest of them in the north and north- east China. There are also the oil field the Daqing. Oil is in the 22 provinces, but the bulk of it is mined in the north and north- east of the country.

Electricity production by three quarters based on the TPP, but is also a large hydropower construction in the upper and middle reaches of a river. Yangtze (11 HPS) and p. Yellow (15 HPS), hydro accounted for 20% of the electricity. The country has one nuclear power plant, and several more are under construction.

The basis of the metallurgical complex of factories in China form a complete cycle that focus on private pools of coal and iron ore on imported raw materials. The steelmaking China ranks second (88 million tons), after Japan. In China, five metallurgical bases, north-east (Anypan, Fushun, Fuxin, Dalian), in North China (Beijing, Tianjin), North China (Baotou), the lower reaches of river. Yangtze (Baoshan, Shanghai), middle reaches. Yangtze (Wuhan).

Centers of ferrous metallurgy are Fushun, Shanghai, Shenyang. Of the 60 species of non-ferrous metals, which is produced in the country, China exports 50.

In the engineering industry is dominated not specialized and generic companies. They gravitate to the major cities and seaports, to the metallurgical bases. The country is self-sufficient equipment for the steel, coking industry, forging, machine tools, locomotives. Centers-Shanghai, Harbin, Beijing, Dalian.

Shipbuilding is located in the port cities of Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao and in the river port of Wuhan and other production vehicles Hubei, Jilin, Beijing, tractors-Shanghai. Recently, the country has a large development was the production of consumer electronics and electrical engineering.

Chemical Industry of China-diversified, despite the rapid growth in recent years of synthetic organic chemistry, basic chemistry remains a major industry. The chemical industry produces mineral fertilizers-in the province of Sichuan, Tszyansu etc. In recent increase in the production of plastics and synthetic resins, fibers-Shanghai, Baoding.

Textile industry the main branch of light industry of China. Manufacturing and processing of textile raw materials clearly zoned in the north-wool, linen, hemp, in the south silk, ramie, jute, kenaf. The clothing of the x/cotton fabrics China takes 1st place in the world.

Food industry in China consists of 40 sub-industries: flour, cereal, sugar, fish, meat, canning, tobacco, tea, etc. Placed at regular intervals. China has also developed and paper production.