IMPORT FROM CHINA: WHAT importing from China - Top 10 commodity niches

Not so long ago the goods from China were considered a place for products of poor quality. But today the situation has changed dramatically. In China, a lot of products in all categories and their quality is also different. Most of the Chinese goods are not inferior in quality to domestic and some even surpass them. Modern importers, bitter experience, is no longer willing to buy in China cheapest products, and gradually the market is flooded with Chinese goods of good quality. Imports from China to US - a very profitable business, if properly determine which products will be in demand. Of course, it depends on your city, competition, and the needs of its residents. In this article, you can view a list of the most popular products from China to US.

It's just a huge category, which includes one-time items, small accessories, lighters, and other useful and cheap stuff. Ignorant people may be surprised and do not believe that such penny goods can quickly promote business. Now think about whether you pay attention to the price when you buy a cloth or plastic cups? Of course not. Suppose a person urgently need a lighter. You have to store it costs 15 rubles, and the store on the next stop - 13 rubles. Person does not make any sense because of two rubles to go to another outlet. He did not hesitate to buy it from you for 15 rubles, while in China, you will get it for the ruble. So this category of goods is very, very profitable. To it is possible to carry disposable utensils, razors, boots, rubber gloves.

SECOND PLACE. Exact copies of famous brands
On the second most popular place are copies of brand clothes. At least half of expensive clothes from boutiques brought from China and cost the owner of the store several times cheaper.

THIRD PLACE. Weights of the goods in large packages
This product category is also possible to build a very profitable business. Here we are talking about the products that come from China wholesale large pack. Even in US, this product breaks down or is bottled in small individual packages, it is given its own brand. As such, the goods and enters the retail sale. This category may include, as products such as dried fish, squid and other dry snacks, as well as cosmetics, perfumes, and other similar items. Due to the difference between the wholesale and retail price profits are very good.

In the fourth place of imports of goods from China - the latest innovations in the world of electronics. It is necessary to leave the new phone model, phone or tablet, and the demand for it is not quenched few months. This time it is imperative to use for their own benefit. If to gain time and one of the first to launch on the market the newest model, it is possible to promote a business only on updates to high-tech, as their cost in China and US is very different.

Trade coats of China has long been considered to be very profitable and promising business. Everyone has probably heard about the cheapness of fur in China. However, for such a case requires considerable initial investment and at least minimal experience with fur, because a single market in China can meet coats as an excellent and very poor quality. Price the same coat in China and US will differ in at least two times.

Sixth place. TEA
Another popular commodity imports from China - tea. Green, red teas, puer and other varieties have become very popular in US. A selection of tea in China is very rich. So this category of goods - a great idea for the development of China's business.

Furniture hoist tours are very popular now. Furniture in China is surprisingly beautiful, diverse, high-quality and cheap. If people really go on tour to buy furniture for your home or office, then imagine what benefit for themselves can be removed, engaged in the distribution of furniture from China.

Eighth place. Shoes and Accessories
Very many as imports from China are choosing shoes and accessories such as belts, gloves, bags, backpacks. For this category of products is not reduced demand ever, and in the span you will not stay.

Ninth place. ELECTRONICS
Electronics in modern life occupies a very important place. That is why the Chinese are actively imported computers, laptops, cameras, printers, cameras and other equipment, without which a person no longer thinks of its existence.

Tenth place. HOME
And last not least, the category of goods - accessories for the home. To it can be attributed as a technique for the kitchen, such as microwave ovens, toasters, blenders, and economic utensils such as dishes, towels, bedspreads, linens, curtains.

That concludes our list of the most popular products imported from China. If you are interested in the topic, be sure to read the graph structure of China's imports, where the import of goods specified in percentage on Guide to Importing from China