How to choose a good paid hosting?

Every Internet user today wants to have a website. And, as a small site is not hard to do - most users have a dream come true - they have a website.

But on my home computer is impossible to provide round the clock access to your site. Here and there is a need to place the site on the company's server - hosting provider that will provide access to your site 24 hours a day.

Many new users are looking for free hosting. Of course, if you want a homepage about yourself, upload your photos, then paid hosting is not needed. But if you plan to develop your business on the internet - then you need a good paid hosting sites.

Types of hosting

The service is dedicated - rent an entire server. At the same time you order a server capacity you need. You install any programs that you need. Rent server is convenient because of maintenance, repair and preventive maintenance involved the hosting company, to learn more follow this link.

The main drawback - the high cost. Rent server costs from $100 a month, depending on the server configuration. Novice such servers are not needed.

Virtual Dedicated Server - VPS Hosting
All the benefits of a physical server, but for a lower price can be obtained using the VPS / VDS (Virtual Private Server / Virtual Dedicated Server) - virtual dedicated server. This division of a physical server into multiple containers - virtual servers, each of which is in its sandbox.

On VPS / VDS hosting, you are guaranteed disk space, processing power, and the amount of RAM in accordance with the fare paid. And neighbors on the server for you or does not affect.

You yourself set up software "by itself". However, it is good if you have experience in setting up and administering the server. But it must be borne in mind that technical support is not required to deal with the installation and configuration software on rented, or virtual dedicated server.

As with renting a server, they have to quickly recover the VPS server, replace the faulty part. But the software configuration they are more willing to do for a fee.

Shared Hosting
Technology virtual hosting involves placing a physical server multiple clients. You are guaranteed disk space according to your tariff plan. But with the processor and memory it is more complicated. Each site takes computing resources as much as it needs. The server can be located 200-300-500 sites.

And the sites are different. There is a small website 5 pages, with the attendance of 20-30 visitors a day. And there are the sites created on the CMS-system, devouring large amounts of computing resources. And if the hoster, trying to save money, placed on a server too many sites may have problems. However, due to the high competition, hosting companies are trying to quickly fix these problems, but not always quickly they do.