Export a car from the US - myths and reality

Many legends goes about how hard to buy a car in the US, how big are the chances to become a hostage to unfavorable circumstances. For example, many frightened that selling cars in the United States are mostly drowned, and even in the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Something we have not ever seen "shoals" floating on the coasts of machines, but reputable automotive markets where you can buy cheap quite a decent car - it has.

Why should you take a car from America?
If you are interested in cars manufactured in the USA, it is better to buy them over the Atlantic. There are several thorough reasons for this:

the US market for the second ten years the undisputed leader in the number of cars sold - the choice is enormous;
huge market of inexpensive cars that we consider valuable and exclusive rarity;
a huge list of US brands, which are very popular among Chinese enjoy Jeep, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Lincoln, Hummer and Chrysler.
Buy American car - this means to purchase trucks in perfect condition, which is served in China for many years. For America, almost all manufacturers make special versions of cars.

To export a car from the US can be a whole or battered (after the accident)
Buy a car for restoration of America - it is also very profitable, and many do. Voucher from the US possible in the following versions:

entire cars with mileage at special auctions (type Adesa.com)
entire Used Cars on site or from the hands;
broken cars at special auctions (need partners in the US);
new cars (be careful when buying a new car - there are a number of tricks and complicated procedure).
If you have heard that to export a car from the US - it's terribly dangerous, then told you that the people who were trying to do everything themselves or through private "chase". Work with a professional company, and these problems do not overtake you.

How to buy used cars / y in the US "dilershipah" or participants of auctions?
The best way to book a car from the US is to find your future road transport on public auctions. This method of selling in America is the most common, because cars with mileage for the Americans have significantly less value than in our country. Cause and sell them as sofas or kitchen furniture - at auction.

The most common sites for searching cars - Ebay.com, Autotrader.com, Cars.com. But they all belong to the category of public auctions. We are interested only in part dating with what cars from the USA to order you can bring.

Dealer auto auctions
The concept of dealer auction means that participate in the bidding only legal entities. Citizens of other countries may take part in such auctions only through licensed US dealers. Because yourself to buy a car will not work here.

That dealer auctions make cars with mileage from Europe are much less profitable than a car from America. There is sometimes a very modest amount bought nearly new cars. 99% of all lots - whole serviceable cars.

Major US dealer auctions - Manheim.com and Adesa.com. Expose the lots in these auctions manufacturers, dealers, large service centers, tuning studio and other organizations. All the cars at auction are divided into two types:

machines sold under the green light - dealer warranty for full compliance with the description of the car lot. This means that after the discovery of discrepancies within two weeks after purchase, you can return the car and get the money back;
automobiles under the red color - auto considered sold once your bid. Here you can buy what you see, because you have to be very careful.
Auctions often offer additional services, such as technical inspection, delivery vehicles across America. If the choice fell on a car with a green light, that is, with the official inspection report before the sale, you can safely buy a car without a personal acquaintance with him - through the Internet.

Is it always true statement of 100 percent?
In the history of auctions were sometimes occasions when cars after purchase returned within the warranty period. But they do not constitute 1% of the total weight of purchases. Yes and fussy Americans return the car because of the lack or failure chute cigarette lighter.

For Chinese, who have decided to buy a car from the States, it is important to check the documents of the car occurred. Then the machine can be out of the country without having problems with law enforcement. You know exactly what is in the auto theft or seizure, and chassis number of the relevant documents. And this is a huge advantage of dealer auctions.

Can I buy cars from dealer auctions, both with the public?
Such services provide auction Manheim. This company has a whole division for individuals - ove.com. The site lots expose dealers and can fly without exception US residents.

Cars at a public auction in the US
Here is the leader of the auction Ebay, which even has a special unit for sale cars - Ebay Motors. Find the right vehicle at the necessary equipment you can always - offers a huge amount.
To register for the auction will take a few minutes - and you can start shopping. But the ease of registration and access to the auction make it easy for fraudsters trough. The procedure is simple deception:

American trickster creates a beautiful exhibition;
you win it and sends money to the seller;
this contact with the seller terminates;
no money, no car, no expected happiness.
Here then begin to be born the idea that it is better to buy cars with mileage from Germany. And what is better? Do you think that the German fraudster will make it easier to find and punish? Vain. There is only one sure way to avoid problems when prigonyat cars from abroad.

Ordering a car from Europe or America, it is better to use the services of specialists professional company such A1 Auto Transport. Then you will not have to deal in the wilds of overseas auctions and organize study sessions English auction. Just give us the information about the desired car and wait for the delivery in China.