Economic news

The maximum weekly falling index over 11 months

Shares of Chinese companies declined last week, while the main stock index Shanghai Composite showed its maximum weekly decline in 11 months after the publication of the report, according to which the profit growth slowed China's largest corporations, as well as expectations that the inflation rate will grow by the end of the month.

Shares of China First Heavy Industries Co., Manufacturer of equipment for the mining industry and the electricity sector, fell to a record low. Shares of Shanghai Friendship Group Inc. were among retailers fall among the papers on the expectations of significant growth in production costs, which may adversely affect consumer demand more..

Market reform in china

Market reforms in China began with the reform of agriculture in 1978, when about 70% of China's labor force were workers employed in agriculture. The main elements of the reform years 1978-1984. there was a transfer of land to individual farmers ("de-collectivization") and the establishment of a two-tier pricing system. First the peasants were able to lease land owned by the state (for 15 years). Under the two-tier system of prices farmers had to sell the set amount of agricultural produce to the state at a fixed price, and all the products in excess of this amount could sell at market prices. In the end, farmers were allowed to sell higher volumes of harvest at market rather than at fixed prices. In 1978, farmers sold only 8% of the products in a competitive market, but by 1990 this proportion had increased to 80%. more..

Result of reform in china

In the past two decades, the rate of economic growth in China has been one of the highest in comparison with other countries in any period of world history, and they accounted for about 9% annually since the start of reforms in 1978. This means that in less than two decades of real output and real incomes have increased by four times. About 40% of the increase is the result of increasing capital. The increase in production and income has led to a sharp increase in the volume of domestic savings and investment. The increase in the volume of the means of production has led, in turn, to improve productivity, increase production and income growth. The latter, led to an increase in foreign direct investment. more..

Review of cheneese economic

The People's Republic of China (PRC ) - the third largest country in size in the world. His area of over 9,596,960 square meters. km. Population - more than 1,339 million people (2010). Chinese make up 91.51% of the population likely to live 56 nationalities. China is divided into 23 provinces, 4 municipalities under the Central Government, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special administrative regions.

A notable and growing interest around the world at the economic transformation in China, which last approximately two decades. The interest in this country is not accidental. China, being one of the oldest states in the world, the first time in its long history, made impressive gains in the real sector of the economy. A number of features can be seen that the country in the near future will be to flourish. China has a chance to repeat the experience of Japan and South Korea.more..