Chinese military set up a civil unmanned vehicle

The Chinese military has successfully tested a fully autonomous vehicle, the final version of which can enter into civil use. This is the Internet portal, referring to the publication in the newspaper the Chinese People's Liberation Army PLA Daily.

The prototype, which was the working title of "Fierce Lion 3" (Ferocious Lion 3), independently overcome the highway 114 kilometers in 1 hour 25 minutes. Its top speed reaches 105 kilometers per hour.

During the trial in "Lion" to perform complex maneuvers such as changing lanes in a row, the traffic in heavy traffic and overtaking (he walked 33 times slower machine). In the car testers were present in the event an extraordinary situation, but their assistance was not required machine. The only thing they did-it sets the coordinates of the end point of the route.

"From the outside it seemed that driving a car is an experienced driver," - said one of the witnesses test run.

The car equipment includes radar, cameras and several satellite navigation system. Data from the instruments are handled by three computers (including a reserve in case of failure of the others) who make decisions about the necessary maneuvers.

Just a prototype unmanned vehicles developed by the Chinese military, were more than 10,000 kilometers during testing. According to the developers, the machine showed the same successful results both on city streets and on the roads of the countryside.

Currently, development of the car with the autopilot engaged companies Toyota, General Motors, Volvo, Ford, BMW and Volkswagen.

Earlier, the experts of the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) predicted that by 2040 about 75 percent of all cars in the world will be unmanned