With the world met Chinese silk more than 2000 years ago-on the "Silk Road", he was taken out to the outside world. Chinese products made of natural silk is still waiting for the border.

The main exporters-seven countries: USA, UAE, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK. In the first ten months of 2008, exports to the U.S. fell more than 18%. A growth rate of exports to Brazil remained the largest-53.55%.

Total exports for the period from January to October 2008 reached $2.94 billion, including in the U.S. - $762.3 million, India - $321.3 million, Italy - $276.9 million

Along with the active export of silk products abroad, China also imports products from natural silk. So, for the first ten months of 2008 the volume of imports of silk products China amounted to more than $1.9 billion, including those from Japan were imported silk products in the amount of $579.4 million, from Taiwan - $523.2 million, South Korea - $407 6 million

According to the Ministry of Commerce of China in 2010, the annual output of the silk industry will reach $31.25 billion output of silkworm cocoons will increase to 850.000-900.000 tonnes in 2010, and the volume of production of silk will reach 170,000-190,000 tonnes thus grow by 66.7% in comparison with 2005

The Ministry of Commerce is strictly controlled in enterprises silk industry to introduce innovative technology to produce only high-quality products and gain competitive advantage in the global market. It is planned that by 2010 the volume of export of natural silk products will reach $5.5 billion