History of 5-IAI

5-IAI, 5-iodo-2-aminoindan, is a close analogue of amphetamine and behaviorally similar to MDMA, making it a popular recreational use. Further research is needed to fully understand the posledstviyahimicheskoy and popular composition of the samples.

5-IAI acts as a lubricant for serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, and monoamine uptake inhibition. It comes in the form of white crystalline powder, and is available in various amounts from 1g to 5g quantities.

There seems to be limited opportunities to buy 5-IAI online, with only a few vendors offering it for sale. If you plan to conduct research on the 5-IAI, UK sources currently provide purity in 97% and above.

Researchers wishing to buy 5-IAI should always check the purity and composition of each chemical research. Any 5-IAI-provider who is not fully transparent about the content and purity of every product they sell should be avoided at all costs. The results of any studies can be broken, eslihimicheskoe not fully understood.

We offer any researcher interested in expanding their knowledge of the 5-IAI, choose your source carefully. We want to make the most of the presence of 5-IAI further human knowledge.

There are a number of cheap 5-IAI suppliers that can offer a high purity powders reliable chemical studies of 1,2,5,10 or 25g quantities. Researchers can only buy 5-IAI. British law forbids it to be used for laboratory research or for human testing.

Pick your 5 IAI supplier carefully, otherwise your research can not datnadezhnyh the results you are looking for. Buy 5-IAI online from suppliers you can trust to deliver purity and quality every time.

The popularity of MDMA and amphetamine in our culture requires further research in order to fully understand the potential long-term and short-term effects. A better understanding of our of him and his peers, the more accurate the diagnosis and classification of such substances can be.